Will Lee Hyori and Ha Ji-won sing congratulatory song and officiate at comedian Jung Ho-cheol’s wedding as promised?

Singer Lee Hyori and actress Ha Ji-won will show their loyalty at comedian Jung Ho-cheol's wedding

According to Star News on Feb 26th, Lee Hyori and Ha Ji-won are scheduled to sing a congratulatory song and officiate at the wedding of comedian Jung Ho-cheol, which will take place in Gangnam, Seoul on March 9th. The MC will be comedian Shin Dong-yup.

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In June last year, Lee Hyori sang her first congratulatory song in her life for her manager of 20 years. It is anticipated that she will sing a congratulatory song once again at Jung Ho-cheol’s wedding, as she had promised Jung Ho-cheol that she would sing if there were no special circumstances until recently. Ha Ji-won also willingly agreed to officiate the wedding.

This collaboration was born through the YouTube entertainment show “ZZANBRO”. Earlier, Lee Hyori appeared as a guest on “ZZANBRO” in September last year and proposed to Jung Ho-cheol to sing at his wedding. “ZZANBRO” is a talk show with a drinking concept, and Jung Ho-cheol earned the nickname “Zzan Younger Bro” by interacting with comedian Shin Dong-yup.

During her appearance on “ZZANBRO”, Lee Hyori told Jung Ho-cheol, “I’ll practice singing hard and sing a congratulatory song.” She then confidently mentioned singer Kim Dong-ryul’s “Thanks” as the song she would like to sing for the congratulatory song, saying, “It’s difficult now, but it’s possible then.”

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Jung Ho-cheol showed a surprised reaction, saying, “It would be an honor if senior (Shin) Dong-yup hosts and senior (Lee) Hyori sings the congratulatory song.” Lee Hyori jokingly said “Contact me through DM (direct message). Then I might change my mind“, bringing laughter.

Ha Ji-won will officiate at the wedding to keep her promise made with Jung Ho-cheol through “ZZANBRO”.

Ha Ji-won appeared as a guest on “ZZANBRO” in September last year and promised Jung Ho-cheol to officiate at his wedding. It is unusual for an unmarried woman in her 40s to officiate at a wedding. Although it was a suggestion mixed with Shin Dong-yup’s joking remark at a drinking session, Ha Ji-won attracted attention by saying, “We need to break stereotypes. I, too, can officiate. I need to show that someone like me can do it. What’s important is to do it my way.” Jung Ho-cheol showed an incredulous reaction, saying, “If that happens, it will be a historic moment. It’s really amazing.” In the recent episode of “ZZANBRO” aired on Feb 12th, Ha Ji-won was also referred to as the “officiant”.

However, Jung Ho-cheol’s side has not given a definite answer regarding Lee Hyori’s congratulatory song and Ha Ji-won’s officiating. Although it was a conversation from a drinking session during an entertainment shoot, they don’t want to unnecessarily burden anyone. An official from Jung Ho-cheol’s side told Star News, “It seems that it is not a situation where we can confirm the decision first.” However, a representative from Ha Ji-won’s side stated, “Even though it was a remark made at a drinking session, a promise is a promise, so she will keep it. As far as we know, she has never officiated at a wedding before.” Lee Hyori, known for her strong loyalty and care for others, is expected to honor her promise by singing the congratulatory song as planned.

Meanwhile, Jung Ho-cheol is marrying comedian Lee Hye-ji, who is six years younger than him. The two, who developed their relationship from preparing for a small theater performance, have decided to tie the knot after five years of dating.

Source: Naver

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