TXT Aims for Billboard Hot 100, Shares Thoughts on Being Called the ‘Next BTS’, and More

TXT has returned with another story of youth in their 3rd full album

On October 12th, a showcase for TXT’s 3rd full album ‘THE NAME CHAPTER: FREEFALL’ was held in Seoul.

This album tells the story of young people who have postponed their growth and escaped from the world, deciding to face reality. 

Soobin said, “We worked hard to capture the essence of TXT in our third full album. We’ll show you a cool look as much as we prepared.” Yeonjun added, “We’ve returned with an album filled with the emotions of today’s youth, so please look forward to it.”


The title track, ‘Chasing That Feeling,’ is a sweet song that announces a new beginning in reality, leaving behind the past where there was no growth. The dynamic melody and heavy beat create a refreshing charm.

Huening Kai explained about the title track, “We’ve always tried fresh genre concepts. This time, it felt fresh as well. It was unfamiliar at first, but as I continued to listen, it was fresh and addictive like ‘Sugar Rush Ride.’ I felt good about being able to show TXT’s unique color with this song.”

When asked about the aspects they focused on while preparing for this album, Yeonjun said, “We thought it wouldn’t be easy, as we had a world tour and a busy schedule while preparing for the album. And it was indeed difficult, but in the end, it turned out well. We devoted ourselves to expressing a reality that anyone can relate to through music, performance, and visuals.”

Soobin added, “If I say it wasn’t hard, it would be a lie. We tried new genres, and we had new writers to collaborate with, so we focused on bringing TXT’s unique color to our album. I’m satisfied with the result.”


TXT gained attention with their previous album, ‘THE NAME CHAPTER: TEMPTATION,’ charting at No.1 on Billboard 200. They also became the first K-pop group to headline a major music festival, ‘Lollapalooza,’ in Chicago, and they were invited to the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

Beomgyu said, “We performed the pre-release song ‘Back For More’ at the time. It was an unreleased song, and it was our first time performing at an American awards ceremony. I remember being much more nervous and tense than usual. Many people enjoyed our performance, so I had fun on stage. If we get the chance next time, I want to show the best and most perfect stage.”

Huening Kai said, “I want to meet more MOAs and perform in bigger venues. Since we learned to set big goals, I hope our song will make it to Billboard Hot 100 this time. I believe we can do it.”

Finally, when asked about being called the “Next BTS,” TXT responded, “It’s an honor. We are very grateful for the positive view. If we can contribute even a little to K-pop by following the footsteps of BTS, that alone would be a successful and satisfying achievement. We will strive to become a good group that can have a positive influence with our own music and our own color.”

TXT’s 3rd full album ‘THE NAME CHAPTER: FREEFALL’ will be released on October 13th at 1 PM KST.

Source: wikitree

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