The ban proposal by Filipino Senator Jinggoy Estrada faced backlash, the Senator provided additional information for his statements

Heated debate arose following Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal of banning K-dramas to promote the domestic film industry. 

According to The Manila Times, on the 18th, Filipino Senator Jinggoy Estrada drew attention for proposing a ban against Korean television series (K-drama) in this country for reasons that they threaten domestically produced shows. 

Jinggoy Estrada
Senator Jinggoy Estrada wanted to ban Koreanovelas (K-dramas) so that Filipino artists gained more public support. Image: Facebook 

“From what I have observed, we continue to show South Korean television series and that our fellow countrymen idolize Korean actors, while our artists are losing their jobs. So sometimes I think of banning these foreign shows so that our own artists should be the ones we are showing instead”, said Estrada. 

The Senator’s statement quickly ignited a wave of criticisms among the Filipino internet community. The majority refuted the banning of K-dramas. Instead of forcing, Estrada and other officials should create more favorable conditions and provide financial support for domestic film projects to improve quality which can impress viewers and attract watchers. 

A Business Proposal

“I remember a Korean once said the success of the Korean economy was not banning other foreign companies. We are too strict and overprotective. That is why our country never grows. Support competition not eliminate competition”. 

“Is this really the best way to support our film industry? If the domestic artists have the chance to develop, we can be as powerful as Korea. Why aren’t there policies to support young artists? Why don’t the government subsidize avenues for performance? It cannot get better by force”.  

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“Do proper investment in domestic artistic activities so producers and artists don’t have to carry all the weight. Consider a big picture for film industry development, let students become well-acquainted with Filipino works from within schools”. 

Apart from the citizens, The Provincial Governor of Cavite, Juanito Victor Remulla also released his statement. 

The Queen’s Umbrella

“At the height of the pandemic when most of us are locked in our homes, K-drama and Kpop gave many Filipinos hope and inspiration. Koreans also made top tourist arrivals in the Philippines. They love our country while we love them for their world-class entertainment. There are no boundaries in pop culture. Learn and take inspiration from what the Koreans have achieved. The people should be given the freedom to choose which entertainment content they want. We need an open mind not a ban”, said the Governor on Twitter. 

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The Governor of Cavite and a majority of the Filipino public are against the proposal of banning K-Dramas. 

Against the ongoing backlash, Estrada posted an explanation on Facebook, stressing that he did not  reject the success of the Korean entertainment industry but in fact thought highly of their accomplishments and believed they were worth learning from. However, the Senator felt disappointed to see citizens excited to and ready to welcome Korean popular cultural products with open arms while lacking the same interest for domestic films. 

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“I wish that the zealousness of our kababayans in patronizing foreign artists can be replicated to support our homegrown talents who I strongly believe are likewise world-class. South Korea’s phenomenal success is rooted in their love of country. It is high time that we follow their example and do the same for our own entertainment industry that is at best, barely surviving”, expressed the Senator.

Source: CNN Philippines, Koreaboo, AllKpop

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