“Emergency room? Protest?”… A serious problem related to actress Park Eun-bin is happening on the Internet

The serious situation of fake news about Park Eun-bin kept on being made is drawing great concern from netizens.

On August 15th, an article titled “Search keywords related to Park Eun-bin” was posted on the online community clien.

The article exposed and criticized a Youtube channel called “News Talk” for posting videos and making fake news about actress Park Eun-bin.

News Talk reportedly made fake news about Park Eun-bin under titles, such as “Park Eun-bin won Oscar daesang”, “Japan protests to expel Park Eun-bin”, “Park Eun-bin assaulted and taken to the emergency room”, etc.

Netizens who watched these Youtube videos responded, “Aren’t channels like this be legally punished?”, “Park Eun-bin’s agency should sue this channel”, “I hope this channel will be deleted”, “I think Park Eun-bin’s agency should solve this problem”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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