Nam Tae Hyun, B.I, and iKON, mixed steps after leaving YG

The mixed moves of singers who departed from YG Entertainment are attracting attention. 

Nam Taehyun faced constant controversies

Nam Taehyun, who officially debuted as a member of Winner in 2014, not only left the team after 2 years of group activities, but also left YG Entertainment, which was his agency.


Nam Taehyun’s withdrawal from the team had a big impact on the fandom as he was a key member of WINNER, which was very popular at the time. However, after his departure, WINNER achieved multiple hits with and reached their heyday.

On the other hand, Nam Taehyun gave up his idol career and created the band South Club, where he acts as a leader and vocalist. He continued his activities by showing his face on various entertainment programs, etc., but after acknowledging his relationship with Jang Jae In in 2019, controversy over his private life arose. 

In addition, in March, he was handed over to the prosecution on suspicion of driving under the influence, and recently, he is being investigated for drug use.


B.I overcoming controversy and making a solo comeback

However, it was belatedly revealed in 2019 that B.I had taken some after buying cannabis and LSD. 

In the end, B.I was found to have taken cannabis three times in total and purchased 8 tablets of LSD. Therefore, he was sentenced to three years in suspended prison and four years of probation during the first trial in September last year.


Due to the scandal, B.I withdrew from iKON and spent a long hiatus for self-reflection. Later, he was appointed and served as an in-house director at IOK Company. After setting up an independent label called “131 Label”, B.I resigned as IOK’s in-house director.

With the popularity that he gained during his active years with iKON, B.I has been carrying out more schedules overseas than in Korea. He will release his second full album “TO DIE FOR” on June 1st and continues his full-fledged promotions as a solo artist.

iKON proves that they are one

iKON debuted in 2015 under YG Entertainment after going through two survival shows, “WIN” and “MIX&MATCH”. Along with the huge success of the mega-hit song “LOVE SCENARIO”, the group continued to do domestic and overseas concerts, while member Bobby was also promoted as a solo artist.


Entering the 9th year as idols, iKON members already left YG, which they had been together with for a long time, and started a new journey with the newly established 143 Entertainment.

In particular, all six members, including Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Koo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk and Jung Chanwoo, moved to the 143 together to protect their team. They continue to use the name iKON and herald the second act of their group’s career.

iKON is planning to hold concerts in Korea as well as a world tour to meet Korean and global fans through performances. Bobby also pushes ahead with his solo activities, such as his solo concert tour in Japan.

Source: Daum

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