Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans

Many girl groups’ members are the targets for anti-fans to bash and criticize due to rumors that come from out of nowhere.
Becoming a famous idol can help them receive lots of attention and love from fans. But it also includes inconvenient scrutiny and criticism that the idols have to put up with. Kpop fans are all familiar with harsh and thoughtless words from netizens in general and anti-fans in specific. Whatever they do, these idols will have to endure the vile judgment that comes from many absurd rumors from the public.

Nayeon (TWICE)

Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans
She is indeed one of the most hated female idols. Having beautiful looks plus amazing vocal skills, Nayeon usually has many parts in TWICE’s songs, which pushes her to the top spot quickly. That’s why anti-fans started to hate her: for being famous so fast. Therefore, many ugly rumors about her personality started to appear more and more.

Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans
Nayeon usually caught up in rumors about her being a mean person


Claiming the center position of her group, Nancy is the most well-known member of MOMOLAND. But along with that, she has become the target for anti-fans to bash because of her awful vocals. Additionally, they even body-shamed her, criticized her for wearing shorts that showed off too much of her skin. Not to mention, recently she has been judged for her bad attitude towards BLACKPINK because she accidentally “glared” at them in a music show.
Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans

Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans
By showing her not-really-up-to-standard body figure, Nancy received lots of criticism


She has the look and the talent, but Jennie still can’t escape the anti-fans’ hurtful comments and rumors. One of those rumor was about her bullying her classmate, another one was about her being “spoiled and naughty” while studying abroad. Even when she’s most well-dressed and beloved in the group, anti-fans throw tantrum at her even more.
Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans
Moreover, before debut with BLACKPINK, Jennie was condemned for her visual and vocals just because she had a duet with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.
Multi-talented idol Jennie still gets bashed terribly

Yeri (Red Velvet)

Being the last member to join Red Velvet, Yeri has become the target of the anti-fans. After a long while working with the group, she is still under fire as anti-fans think that she’s useless and has nothing special at all to be casted into Red Velvet. She was even accused of stealing the fame and having attitude towards her group mates.
Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans

Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans
Yeri’s blank expressions in an event near after SHINee’s Jonghyun’s death became the reason for anti-fans to attack her.

SinB (G-Friend)

SinB is an idol with a cold and unapproachable exterior. Maybe it’s the reason why she’s not well favored by other people. Even when her face expression is normal, anti-fans still find an excuse to judge her for having attitudes. From then on, many rumors about her bullying the other members or wanting attention have been created by netizens.
Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans

Top 5 Female Idols with Most Anti-fans
Perhaps because of her aloof beauty, G-Friend’s visual is always accused of having negative attitudes toward her team mates.

Being idols doesn’t mean they are well loved by everyone, not to mention the reason why they are hated are mostly nonsense. Do you think they are deserved to be treated like that?

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