Stray Kids’s Bodyguard Praised For Talking Nicely To Fans At Airport

Amid controversy over idols’ bodyguards pushing fans, Stray Kids’s bodyguard impressed with his friendly appearance

Recently, a video was shared on various social media sites, including TikTok, with the caption “Stray Kids’s bodyguard who talks like Kang Hyung-wook”, and drew keen attention.

The released video shows JYP’s boy group Stray Kids being surrounded by fans after arriving at the airport. In the middle of the crowd, bodyguard A was concerned about safety so he carefully told the fans to stop pushing. 


With his soft and kind tone, the bodyguard asked Stray Kids fans, “Please don’t push”, “I’m sorry, but people over there, please don’t push”, “I told you not to push, please”, etc.

Seeing the video, K-pop fans and netizens reacted, “The bodyguard is so cute”, “It must have been very tiring to try not to make fans feel bad”, “Fans kept the order well, that’s why the bodyguards treated them so nicely”, etc.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids topped Japan’s Oricon Yearly Chart. According to the website of Oricon on December 20th, Stray Kids’s first EP “Social Path (feat. LiSA)/Super Bowl – Japanese ver.” and first Japan full-length album “The Sound ranked 4th and 9th, respectively, on the yearly album rankings.

In addition, their third full album “5-STAR” also ranked 23rd.

Source: Insight

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