SM Faces Backlash for Photoshopping Only NCT DREAM Members at the 2023 MelOn Music Awards

SM’s Controversial Photo Editing Raises Eyebrows

The 2023 MelOn Music Awards, held on December 2, brought together a diverse array of K-pop artists, showcasing their talents and honoring outstanding achievements in the industry. Among the attendees were several artists from SM Entertainment, including aespa, NCT DREAM, RIIZE, and SHINee, who graced the stage with their performances and participated in the prestigious awards ceremony.

SHINee, NCT DREAM, and RIIZE together

In the aftermath of the event, a seemingly innocuous group photo surfaced featuring SHINee, NCT DREAM, and RIIZE, all under the SM Entertainment umbrella. Initially, it appeared to capture a lighthearted moment of intergroup interaction. However, upon closer examination, netizens were quick to notice some peculiarities that sparked a wave of discussion and speculation.

The photo in question reveals evident and selective photo editing, specifically smoothing and blurring the skin of the idols. What caught the attention of many was that this editing seemed to be exclusively applied to the members of NCT DREAM, leaving the idols from RIIZE and SHINee seemingly untouched or subjected to significantly less editing.

SHINee, NCT DREAM, and RIIZE together

The altered image, which features visibly smoother skin on the NCT DREAM members, has stirred confusion and bewilderment among netizens. The decision to apply such noticeable edits to only one particular group has raised questions about the intentions behind SM Entertainment’s photo editing choices. Many online observers are expressing their surprise and questioning the necessity of such alterations, with some suggesting that the unedited idols actually appear more natural and appealing.

Source: koreaboo

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