Ahn Bo Hyun about “The Backpacker Chef”, “Thought it is a camping show.. Didn’t expect to do business”

Famous actor Ahn Bo Hyun revealed his affection for the tvN’s entertainment show “The Backpacker Chef”

On October 14th, actor Ahn Bo Hyun said through his agency about how he felt after finishing filming for tvN’s entertainment show “The Backpacker Chef”.

This year alone, Ahn Bo Hyun is active in various fields, starting with the tvN drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” in the first half of the year, then the TV program “The Backpacker Chef” and the movie “2 O’Clock Date”. Among those, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” recorded the highest viewership rating of 11%, helping Ahn Bo Hyun to overcome the burden of his first title role and successfully ending the drama, drawing favorable reviews from viewers.

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Following his acting debut in 2016 with “HIYA”, Ahn Bo Hyun will finally return to the big screen with his first commercial film “2 O’Clock Date”. The movie is a romantic comedy about a woman from the lower floor who has a secret beyond imagination and a man who resides at the top of the building and representative of the neighborhood, meeting and having extraordinary dates at the odd hour of 2 O’Clock. Here, Ahn Bo Hyun will take on the role of Gil Gu, and will present a friendly and attractive character following a similar image in the K-drama “Yumi’s Cells”.

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In addition, Ahn Bo Hyun met with viewers every week with his first fixed entertainment appearance in “The Backpacker Chef”. Through the show, Ahn Bo Hyun has cooked for a total of 3,078 people in 18 places over the past five months under the theme of extreme catering challenges like that in businesses, providing laughter and emotion. Here, the actor also showed his sincerity in the plating and decoration of his food, enough to earn the nickname “Bo-Tail” (Bo Hyun + Detail), as well as a more “human charm” of himself, thus earning love from audiences both young and old.

After finishing filming for “The Backpacker Chef”, Ahn Bo Hyun said, “When I first got the request, I thought it was a camping program. I have always respected Baek Jong Won, so I was excited to learn to cook and enjoy camping together with him. However, after filming for the first time, I realized it was doing business. After experiencing extreme catering, I was taken aback by the thought that it was different from what I had imagined.” 

Ahn Bo Hyun

The actor also added, “Still, it was meaningful to be able to serve meals to many people with all my heart alongside the cast members, and it was also healing to see them enjoying delicious food. It’s been a week since the last filming ended and it’s been over, but I still feel like I have to go and cook. I am missing the members already.” 

Source: daum

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