Lee Jong Suk is reportedly the strongest candidate for this year’s MBC Drama Awards Daesang winner 

Lee Jong Suk will likely take home his second acting Daesang at MBC Drama Awards. 

This year, MBC did not have a massive hit like last year’s “The Red Sleeve”, but the average viewership ratings and level of buzz have increased. Among the cast of the 2022 MBC dramas, Lee Jong Suk is predicted to be a strong candidate for the Daesang.

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The 2022 MBC Drama Awards will be broadcast live at 8:30 pm KST on December 30th.

Looking back at the MBC drama lineup in 2022, there have been “Tracer,” “Tomorrow,” “From Now On, Showtime!,” “Doctor Lawyer,” “Big Mouth,” “The Golden Spoon,” “May I Help You?,” “The Forbidden Marriage,” “The Secret House,” “The Witch’s Game,” and “Hunted.”

Recently, MBC has revealed the potential candidates for the Daesang through a teaser video. So Ji Sub, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Hee Sun, Park Hae Jin, Yook Sung Jae, Im Si Wan, Lee Hye Ri, and Choi Soo Young are the main characters.

Lee Jong Suk

In “Doctor Lawyer”, So Ji Sub plays Han Yi Han, a doctor who was falsely accused of causing the death of a patient. Kim Hee Sun charismatically portrays the role of a beautiful grim reaper in “Tomorrow.”

Expectations are high for the grand prize winners, including Yook Sung Jae, who plays Lee Seung Cheon, a conflicted man between his desire to have money and his poor but caring family in “The Golden Spoon” and Im Si Wan, who played Hwang Dong Joo, a team leader at the National Tax Service tracing hidden money, and led the viewership rating to 9%.

golden spoon

The actor who is most likely to win the Daesang is “Big Mouth” star Lee Jong Suk. “Big Mouth” was the only MBC drama this year to record double digit ratings. It premiered to a rating of 6.2% and ended with a rating of 13.7%. It was also a hot topic, taking first place in TV buzz level rankings in the Friday and Saturday drama category.

Lee Jong Suk plays Park Chang Ho, a struggling lawyer with a 10% win rate. He gets involved in a murder case by accident and becomes the genius con artist “Big Mouse” overnight. In order to survive and to protect his family, Park Chang Ho struggles to uncover the true face of the privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy.

lee jong suk

Lee Jong Suk led the drama by showing various aspects of Park Chang Ho in a short period of time, from the incompetent and stressful life of a lawyer suffering from debt, to the way he falls into desperation after being falsely accused, and the way he tries to protect his wife Miho.

If Lee Jong Suk receives the Daesang this year, he will be honored with his second Daesang. He won his first Daesang at the MBC Drama Awards at the age of 28 in 2016 through the drama “W”.

big mouth

In “Big Mouth”, his first drama after being discharged from the military, Lee Jong Suk showed his endless potential with a flawless appearance. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jong Suk will take home his second MBC Drama Awards’ Daesang. 

Source: Nate. 

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