BH Entertainment Actors Enjoy Their Charity Photoshoot: Han Ji-min & Park Bo-young Show Lovely Visuals

Behind-the-scenes cuts of BH Entertainment actors’ charity photoshoot have been released

BH Entertainments recently took a charity photoshoot with all their actors. It is known that 17 actors gathered in one place and filled the shoot with laughter.

Park Bo-young, Chu Ja-hyun, Han Ji-min Han Hyo-joo

First of all, Korea’s leading actresses Park Bo-young, Choo Ja-hyun, Han Ji-min and Han Hyo-joo formed a unit. The four drew attention with their beautiful smiles and shining appearances. In an interview, Park Bo-young shared, “When I see my senior actors spread good influence, I also want to become a person like that”.

Go Soo, Park Hae-soo Lee Hee-jun

Next, the three brothers Go Soo, Park Hae-soo and Lee Hee-joon boasted their chemistry. Known as a pictorial master, Go Soo led his two younger brothers throughout the shoot. Expressing his thoughts on the charity campaign, Go Soo said, “I hope my small actions as an actor can have a good influence on someone”.

Lee Byung-hun and Lee Jin-wook showcased their bromance in a photo reminiscent of a movie scene. Unlike the pleasant scene, the two showed serious expressions with fashionable sunglasses on during the shoot. Lee Jin-wook confessed, “I’m proud by just thinking about helping other people and the attitude of doing that”.

Park Yu-rim, Park Ji-hoo, Jeong Chae-yeon Hong Hwa-yeon

Rookie actresses Park Yoo-rim, Park Ji-hoo, Jung Chae-yeon and Hong Hwa-yeon gave off a refreshing vibe. The youngest Park Ji-hoo showed her youthful smile and sincerely said, “I once again realized that true beauty lies in our kind hearts and the way we show it in action”. 

Jung Yun-jae, Jung Woo, Jo Bok-rae Joo Jong-hyuk

Lastly, Jung Yoon-jae, Jung Woo, Jo Bok-rae and Joo Jong-hyuk caught the eyes as they took a selfie and revealed their playful side. Jung Woo said, “I’m rooting for all children in the world. I hope they can achieve their dreams and hopes even in difficult environments”.

Source: Daum

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