“Sex Education” ahead of season 4: Cast members keep leaving, fans are no longer interested 

From one of the hottest series, “Sex Education” is in a crisis. 

“Sex Education” is one of the most popular coming-of-age TV series in recent years. 3 seasons have been released and received much love. However, ahead of season 4, many cast members are quitting the show. This has caused fans to lose interest in the show being renewed for more seasons. 

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Recently, after receiving the BAFTA award, the female lead of “Sex Education”, Emma Mackey confirmed that she would leave the show after season 4. She told Radio Times, “I officially said goodbye to Maeve and finished filming season 4 last week.”

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Mackey is not the first cast member to exit the series. Before her, Ncuti Gatwa, Rakhee Thakrar, Tanya Reynolds, Patricia Allison also confirmed their departure. Worth mentioning, Maeve is considered the “heart and soul” of “Sex Education” along with Otis. Gatwa’s Eric is also a fan-favorite character with a great influence on LGBTQ+ viewers.

sex education

In response to the news of Mackey leaving, many viewers felt disappointed. Season 3 already saw a decline in the quality of story, especially in the way Otis and Maeve’s relationship developed. Some complained that the writers are deliberately “milking” these two characters, making them no longer look forward to season 4. Emma Mackey also revealed that Maeve’s role in season 4 is not much even though she is a central character. 

Viewers’ comments:

  • This is the consequence of milking the relationship between Otis and Maeve. 
  • Season 3 ended so well, Meave chose a career and Otis also moved on. In season 3, the story line between the two was already messed up.
  • I don’t want to watch season 4 anymore. There’s no one left.
  • Netflix should just cancel the show now. 

After season 3 ended, the main couples of “Sex Education” were in a bad situation. Eric and Adam break up after Eric confesses to kissing another guy, while Maeve goes to England and avoids Otis. Considering the current situation, season 4, which is expected to premiere this 2023, may be the last season of “Sex Education”.

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