Profile of Hanni – The First Australian of Vietnamese descent Kpop Idol (2024 Updated)

Who is NewJeans Hanni? What is Hanni's background and career like? All will be answered in the following article.

Who is Hanni?

Hanni, whose real name is Pham Ngoc Han (Hanni Pham), was born on October 6, 2007. She is currently a member of the girl group NewJeans with the nickname “BTS’s Little Sister”. Hanni serves as the Vocalist and Main Dancer of the group.

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Hanni’s Biography

  • Full name: Phạm Ngọc Hân
  • Stage name: Hanni (하니)
  • Date of Birth: 06/10/2004
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Nationality: Australian – Vietnamese (Born and raised in Australia but parents are Vietnamese)
  • Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Currently working at: New Jeans music group
  • Instruments Hanni can play: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele.
  • Favorite clothing: Hoodies; Sweaters.

Hanni’s Basic Information

Hanni is an Australian of Vietnamese descent with a father from Hanoi and a mother from Ho Chi Minh City. She has a younger sister named Jasmine Pham. In October 2019, Hanni participated in the Global Audition program organized by Bighit in Australia and was selected. By 2020, she had moved to South Korea and began her trainee period at HYBE Labels. She also appeared in BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV and participated in writing the song “Hype Boy”. Hanni was also a member of the KPOP cover dance group named “AEMINA Dance Crew”.

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The career journey and famous songs and MVs of Hanni

Hanni is a member of the KPOP cover dance group “AEMINA Dance Crew”

Hanni once lived in Australia and had a strong passion for dance. She also appeared in BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV. Her visuals have been voted as superior to other members of the group, earning her the nickname Cherry from fans. Hanni has received much praise for her beautiful and adorable appearance.

Netizens were particularly excited to see her childhood photos from Vietnam. They wrote, “I thought there would be a Japanese member, but she’s from Vietnam”, “She’s so cute! I like her!”. Later, she became a member of the NewJeans music group, debuting with 5 members including Hanni, Minji, Daniell, Haerin, and Hyein.

Hanni became a shining factor in the KPOP market

According to some information, Hanni was a fan of the music group One Direction since she was young. In 2014, when she was in 4th grade, she auditioned for “The Voice Kids” in Australia. In 2019, Hanni also participated in a KPOP cover dance group with Vietnamese friends in Melbourne.

In October 2019, she passed the audition round of the Plus Global Audition 2019 and officially became a trainee at HYBE Labels in 2020. Before debuting with NewJeans, she spent about 2 and a half years as a trainee, honing the skills required of a female Idol. Until July 2021, she also appeared in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” MV, receiving praise for her charming and youthful beauty.

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By mid-2022, Hanni officially debuted as a member of the NewJeans music group under the management of ADOR and HYBE Labels. She also has a diverse fashion style, standing out among other young idols of her time. Hanni is the first and only Vietnamese Idol chosen as the official ambassador for the famous fashion brand “Gucci” and the youngest ambassador for the “Italy” fashion house.

This has helped the online community see not only Hanni’s potential and wide recognition but also that of the entire NewJeans group. Hanni has also achieved top positions, surpassing senior groups like TWICE, BlackPink, or Red Velvet. With her outstanding appearance and comparisons to BlackPink’s Jennie, she is expected to bring many surprises to the KPOP entertainment industry. Therefore, Hanni has garnered a large fanbase and support immediately after debuting with the music group.


Controversies/ Scandals

Being boycotted in Vietnam

In February 2023, Vietnamese netizens unexpectedly called for a boycott of Hanni. Consequently, a series of fan pages and blogs about Hanni in Vietnam declared their closure. Moreover, even fan pages of the NewJeans music group asserted that they would not update any images of Hanni. Some K-pop fan pages even announced the inclusion of Hanni’s name on a “blacklist”.

It is known that the reason is related to information about Hanni’s personal life, mainly concerning her family. According to some sources on social media, the female idol was boycotted because fans discovered that she and her family had hidden information, intending to “deceive” the audience.


It is known that Hanni’s family is a descendant of the Republic of Vietnam government, which collapsed after losing in the Vietnam Wars. Her family left Vietnam and moved to Australia after the US military withdrew from the country and returned Vietnam to independence in 1975. Families like Hanni’s in Australia and the United States have gathered together to form associations of supporters of the Republic of Vietnam government and are believed to have made statements and taken actions opposing the current Vietnamese government. Many pieces of evidence on social media indicate that Hanni’s grandfather is a prominent member of this organization in Australia.

Therefore, Hanni faced a boycott in Vietnam.

Fun Facts

  • Hanni was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • She also has a younger sister named Jasmine, born in 2007.
  • She is also a member of the KPOP cover dance group “AEMINA Dance Crew” based in Melbourne.
  • Hanni was nicknamed Cherry by fans when she appeared in BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV because nobody knew her name at that time.
  • She underwent training for about 2 and a half years starting in 2020 and passed the audition of Big Hit Entertainment in October 2019.
  • She was a fan of “One Direction” when she was younger.
  • Hanni started her journey in KPOP in 2013 through a famous channel and appeared in the music video “I Got A Boy” by Girls’ Generation.
  • Currently, Hanni is attending online classes for a high school in Australia.
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