“K-pop has taken away a factory talent”… This idol member impressed fans with his excellent album packaging skills

TXT member Yeon Jun attracted attention with his amazing skills when experiencing packaging albums.

In the new episode of the web entertainment show “T:TIME” released on January 31st, TXT visited an album factory to directly participate in the production of their new album.


The released video shows the members organizing the albums by flipping them in one direction and putting the components and albums on the rails.


In particular, Yeon Jun amazed everyone with his quick and skillful hand movements in handling all the tasks.


Yeon Jun was in charge of placing photocards on the albums. Fixing his eyes on the albums, Yeon Jun used his thumb to sort out each card and his other hand to pick the card and put it in the album. His veteran-like skills and expression drew admiration.


The video cut of this scene spread in various online communities, such as theqoo, under the title “It’s like Yeon Jun has worked part-time at an album factory”. A netizen commented, “K-pop has taken away a factory talent”.

Other theqoo users added, “He used to do it, right?”, “He’s so talented”, “Hey young man, do you want to work at Coupang?”, “Coupang lost its talent to K-pop”, “I had to exclaim because he’s not only skillful but also handsome”, “Look at his eyes”, “He worked so hard”, etc.

txt the fact music awards

TXT debuted in 2019 and drew keen attention as the boy group introduced by Big Hit Entertainment 6 years after BTS’s debut. They recently released a new album titled “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”.

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