“Entertainment Weekly” this week: Son Yeon-jae reveals the price of her luxurious wedding, Nam Tae-hyun’s drug controversy

“Entertainment Weekly” this week delivers the news of Son Yeon-jae’s wedding in the “Entertainer Headline.” 

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” which air on August 25th, will find out about the price of Son Yeon-jae‘s wedding hall and dress, as well as the news of Lee Ki-woo’s wedding, BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating rumors.

Son Yeon-jae, a former athlete of the national team who married a financial professional on August 21st, drew attention as her wedding was attended by actress Lee Min-jung and other famous stars.

In addition, “Entertainer Headline” examines singer Nam Tae-hyun‘s suspicion of using methamphetamine. Seo Min-jae, who made her name known after appearing on a love reality program, claimed on her SNS that Nam Tae-hyun and herself used methamphetamine and she was assaulted by him. Since then, both have posted an apology, calling it a “fight between lovers,” but the suspicions are still there.

In “Star Way Home,” an interview with actor Kang Tae-oh will be released exclusively. In “I Love You Entertainment Weekly,” the audience will get to meet actors Brad Pitt and Aaron Johnson who visited Korea to promote the movie “Bullet Train.” 

Lastly, as “Woman Running the Chart” introduces the unwritten laws of K-drama, including scenes that cannot be left out of Korea’s hottest dramas, “Entertainment Weekly” will surely give viewers laughter with various news prepared.

Source: daum

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