Kim Jung Hyun posted an apology letter and announced his return in activities

5 months after his ‘gaslighting’ controversy, Kim Jung Hyun updated and expressed his feelings.

On September 25, Kim Jung Hyun uploaded a long post on his SNS account.

First, he started with an apology, “I’m sorry if there would be anyone who feels uncomfortable with my message. However, I took all my courage to deliver my heart to those who have worked so hard to help me and prayed for me all this time.”

Then, he confessed, “For the past few months, I felt like I was wandering around an unknown place. I felt empty and was busy filling up my self-confidence. Even enduring myself was hard and tired. However, on the other hand, it was the time when I could take a deep look into my heart.”

Kim Jung Hyung continued, “I’m a person who still lacks a lot of skills. I’m reflecting on myself for not taking responsibility for the choices that I made. I admit that it was my fault that I was busy blaming someone else and not taking care of my own health. I’m also writing this letter for self-reflection.”

Then, he said, “No matter how much I thought about what I should do to repay the love I received and to reach the public, I realized acting is the only thing I could do.

He revealed, “That’s how I met my agency, Story J Company. They acknowledged me and promised to take good care of me, so I was encouraged a lot. I was impressed by these impressions that brought me warmness. I feel grateful to have the company as a partner that I can walk with.

The actor also delivered his heart to fans who have been waiting for him, “Thanks to you, I was able to gain back my courage. I will always remember your heart as a source of energy so that I won’t fall down in my future life. Even if I fall down, I will get up and walk again.


Lastly, he said, “I will walk every step carefully. While focusing on acting, I will live a life trying to repay you with my good performance. Once again, I apologize to everyone who has been hurt by my mistake, and I will do my best to become a better person.

Meanwhile, in April, Kim Jung Hyun was rumored to be dating actor Seo Ji Hye. While explaining the situation, he revealed that he had a conflict with his former company, O& Entertainment, because the 2 sides had different positions about their contract period.

Since then, his attitude scandal when he appeared in MBC’s drama “Time” in 2018 was brought up again. Actress Seo Ye Ji, who used to be his girlfriend, suspended all her activities because she was accused of gaslighting Kim Jung Hyung.

On September 24, the news of Kim Jung Hyung’s signing a new contract with Story J Entertainment was reported on media.

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