JTBC, aren’t you tired? Another music entertainment show, “K-909” to premiere in September

JTBC will launch another music entertainment program, probably due to a disease that could kill them if they fail to produce music entertainment shows. It is called the global music show “K-909”.

JTBC explained that “K-909” is a global music show for fans around the world who love K-POP. JTBC said, “Now that music platforms are overflowing more than ever, we planned to provide the stage of dreams for artists as well as music that fans can trust and enjoy.”

The production team of “K-909” released a graphic teaser video on their YouTube channel on August 1st. The teaser video shows the “K-909” logo created by inverting “K-POP”. JTBC’s own interpretation is that it will be a new chapter for K-POP’s infinite expansion.

“K-909” will set up a stage where artists’ diverse music world can be seen, including first-released tracks, special collaborations and special arrangements. In addition, they plan to produce documentary-style videos that show artists’ efforts and concerns so that their sincerity can be conveyed to fans.

The production team explained, “It was a pity that artist stages often pass by in less than 3 minutes, so we wanted to create a space where K-POP singers could receive full attention as artists. We aim for a differentiated music broadcast that highlights each precious stage of K-POP artists, who have become the center of the global music market.”

How can K-POP stars, who are already communicating with fans through various methods such as concerts and fan meetings, show stages full of realism and communication on a music entertainment show? It is noteworthy whether JTBC, which is obsessed with music entertainment shows, will complete a program loved by fans.

“K-909” is scheduled to premiere in September.

Source: daum

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