“Min Hee-jin, Stop Using NewJeans”, Fandom Shows Their Stance with Protest Truck

NewJeans’ fandom seems to be siding with HYBE amid recent conflict, even sending a protest truck against Min Hee-jin. 

As the internal conflict between HYBE and its subsidiary ADOR – the agency of NewJeans – intensifies, NewJeans’ fandom have begun a truck protest.

In particular, the fandom has sent a protest truck in front of the HYBE’s Yongsan building on the morning of April 24. This protest truck is known to display messages such as “Min Hee-jin, stop dragging in other artists”, “Min Hee-jin, stop using NewJeans and their families”, and “We support NewJeans’ activities under HYBE”. 

On the other hand, NewJeans had been preparing for a large-scale comeback with double singles to be released in May and June, respectively. Additionally, they planned a large-scale fan meeting, “Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome,” on June 26th and 27th in Tokyo Dome. 

However, with revelations that ADOR’s management, including Min Hee Jin, the so-called “NewJeans Mom,” attempted to take over management rights of the agency from the parent company HYBE without its knowledge, the comeback plans for NewJeans may be facing a crisis.

So far, HYBE has initiated an audit against Min Hee-jin and other ADOR executives. At the same time, there have been allegations that Min Hee-jin secretly conducted negative publicity campaigns against HYBE-affiliated artists to pressure HYBE.

Source: Naver

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