Kim Heechul, who swore at school violence, hosted YouTuber Haneul’s wedding…Words and actions are different?

Super Junior Kim Heechul apologized for the controversy that occurred during a live broadcast on AfreecaTV.

On Feb 13th, Kim Heechul posted a short apology through his Instagram account.

Kim Heechul

He said, “I apologize for using harsh profanity and vulgar expressions, regardless of whether I am right or wrong, and for showing my inner self.”

Kim Heechul continued, “Once again, I am most sorry to the fans who have been hurt by the controversy I created.”

He added, “This is the last time and I will not allow any controversy from now on.”

However, Kim Heechul did not apologize for swearing at the perpetrators of school violence.

He concluded the apology firmly, “Nevertheless, no matter how much I reflect, I don’t think I’m wrong for swearing at school violence.”

At that time, during the live broadcast, he raised his middle finger at the perpetrators of school violence and poured out harsh curse words.

Regarding this, the fact that Kim Heechul attended and hosted the wedding of the underwear shopping mall Heavenly Sky’s CEO “Haneul” last year is being re-examined.


When Haneul’s wedding was held in October last year, Haneul and her husband’s acquaintances posted pictures of Kim Heechul hosting the wedding through their SNS.

Since Haneul acknowledged and apologized for the controversy over school violence in the past, some netizens claim that Kim Heechul’s words and actions are different and criticize him.

Even considering that Kim Heechul hosted the wedding because of his friendship with Haneul’s husband “Kang”, Kang is a person who was suspected of professional volleyball match-fixing in the past.

That is why many people are raising questions about Kim Heechul’s actions.

Source: insight

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