TWICE unveils highlight medley of new album, title song is “Talk that Talk”

Famous Kpop girl group TWICE has presented the highlight medley of their new album 

At 00:00 (KST) on August 23rd, TWICE released the video “Album Sneak Peak” on their official SNS channel, which includes a preview of all songs included in their 11th mini album “Between 1&2”.

This video entertained both the eyes and ears audiences with concept photos of TWICE as well as a total of 7 new songs. The nine members pulled off three concepts that stood out for charisma, loveliness, and freshness, and caught the eye by emitting the aura of the “representative girl group of K-pop”.

The title song “Talk that Talk” is a song with a lovely message: “Tell me everything in your heart!” 


It is composed by Lee Woo Min, who was behind “Knock Knock” and “The Feels”, and features a lively beat and addictive melody. 

The English song “Queen of Hearts” expresses gratitude to everyone who made precious memories with TWICE. The world-famous producing team, LDN Noise, participated in this song, raising the expectations of K-pop fans.


“Brave” is a dance-pop genre track in which TWICE’s sincere lyrics and sweet vocals give infinite courage and emotion to listeners. It is a product of famous writers both domestic and abroad, including Slow Rabbit, Melanie Fontana, Lee Seu Ran, Jo Yoon Kyung, and more.

This time, TWICE members also wrote lyrics for their b-side songs alone, showing their special sensibility. In the 3rd track “Basics,” Chaeyoung sensibly expressed her cool attitude to get to know each other slowly rather than rushing too much with her favorite partner.


Jihyo’s fourth track “Trouble,” in which she wrote the lyrics, describes how two people, who are dangerously strongly attracted to each other, enjoy a close tension. It is an exciting dance song reminiscent of the festive mood. In addition, Jihyo showed her musical ability by participating in composing, chorus, vocal directing, as well as the lyrics of “Trouble.”


Dahyun was named as the sole lyricist for two songs, track 6 “Gone” and track 7 “When We Were Kids”. “Gone” sings about a confused heart towards a fickle other, and ‘When We Were Kids” sings about a pure heart and memories of the past.

Like the album title “BETWEEN 1&2”, which means “the stories between Once and Twice”, TWICE exchanges sweet conversations with fans through a total of 7 tracks that shine with charm and personality. With their first comeback in 2022, the girl group is expected to respond to long-awaited fans around the world and decorate the summer day more splendidly than ever before.

TWICE’s new mini-album “BETWEEN 1&2” and its title track “Talk that Talk” will be released simultaneously around the world at 1 p.m (KST) on August 26th. To commemorate this, the group will hold a comeback live on the day of the album release and perform their new song “Talk that Talk” on the popular US music program “MTV Fresh Out Live”.

Source: Daum

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