The most awkward kissing scenes of Korean actresses (ft. Park Shin Hye, Yoona, and more)

No matter how pretty they are, perhaps these 4 Korean actresses are not so good at shooting kissing scenes. 

Despite being kissed in sweet and passionate ways by their male co-stars, the following Korean actresses look so stiff and expressionless that they ruin the supposedly romantic atmosphere of the scenes. 

1. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is always included in the list of the worst kissers among Korean actors. Every time her characters get kissed, she either widens her eyes or pulls a “frozen” expression by squeezing her eyes shut. 

2. IU

Before her acting ability was recognized through “My Mister” and “Hotel Del Luna”, IU once sparked controversy over her performance in previous dramas, especially “Moon Lovers”. Most viewers were not fans of her wide-eyed and emotionless expressions in kissing scenes.

3. Lee Yeon Hee

Lee Yeon Hee not only makes viewers uncomfortable with her crying scenes, but she also has the ability to ruin the mood every time she acts in a kissing scene. Because it seems that Lee Yeon Hee always closes her eyes tightly when she is kissed by her co-stars.

4. Yoona

Similar to IU, another idol-turned actress – Yoona, was also under controversy over her acting skills. Especially during kissing scenes, when Yoona only stood still and left all the kissing to her male co-stars or showed awkward facial expressions.

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