5 Korean actors who delivered irreplaceable roles in famous K-dramas

These 5 Korean actors and actresses were so excellent with their portrayal, netizens claimed they were born to play these specific roles! 

Some actors and actresses have no issue playing all sorts of different roles. However, to the audience, it’s not all about acting skills, but also the ability to fully immerse in the character and making the audience believe that these actors and actresses are irreplaceable. Below are 5 prime examples:

Jun Ji Hyun (My Love From The Stars)

The female lead Cheon Song Yi of “My Love From The Stars” may not be the only iconic role in Jun Ji Hyun’s career, but this character is undoubtedly the embodiment of the actress. While it is not confirmed, many people believed that screenwriter Park Ji Eun actually wrote Cheon Song Yi based on Jun Ji Hyun herself, and so relentlessly tried to recruit the actress for this project. 

The result is a legendary Cheon Song Yi that’s chic and arrogant, but also hilarious and a bit “crazy”. If it had not been for Jun Ji Hyun’s portrayal, the character might be too overwhelming to many viewers. 

Gong Yoo (Goblin)

There’s no denying that the goblin Kim Shin in Kim Eun Sook’s K-drama “Goblin” has become a legend on the Korean small screen, and Gong Yoo’s contribution to such popularity is also a key fact. 

Not only is he handsome and mature, Gong Yoo’s Kim Shin is also complicated and a bit “empty” deep inside. However, he has his bright side, can be a little childish or somewhat narcissistic – something that actors other than Gong Yoo may not be able to deliver. 

Kim Tae Ri (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

While Kim Tae Ri has never failed to impress with her acting performances, it feels as if she’s truly the female lead Na Hee Do of “Twenty Five, Twenty One”. Despite having to play a high school student in her 30s, Kim Tae Ri exudes an energy and joy that truly represents youth. Watching the K-drama, the audience are fully convinced that Kim Tae Ri is 17 years old. 

From her bright and hopeful eyes, childish cries, booming voice, to her passion, her stagnant, her love – Kim Tae Ri creates a unique yet extremely relatable Na Hee Do, which makes everyone nostalgic of their youth. With Kim Tae Ri, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” just won’t achieve the same effect and level of success. 

Jo Jung Suk (Hospital Playlist)

When it comes to Hospital Playlist, Jo Jung Suk will be the first actor of the cats that every audience who used to watch the series will remember. His character Lee Ik Jun left a deep impression in the hearts of fans through his funny, kind and loveable personality. He is funny, always positive, have extremely high IQ and EQ and basically is the center of the F5 group of doctors, a friend that everyone wants to meet and talk to.

No one can play the role of Ik Jun the way Jo Jung Suk does, from his appearance to his humorous acting to his sincere and mischievous eyes. Many audiences also commented that k Jun and Jo Jung Suk have many things in common like their kindness, humor, approachable, hard working and dedication. 

Park Eun Bin (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

Park Eun Bin has recently been the center of attention for her excellent performance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, showing off her perfect acting ability and characterization. With Woo Young Woo, a lawyer with a mental illness but possessing a genius mind, Park Eun Bin has successfully described the characteristic personality traits of her. Woo Young Woo’s long, difficult lines, her innocent and lovely personality, steadfast eyes, daily habits, even the way of walking, bowing, thinking… are all very well completed by Park Eun Bin.

Thanks to Park Eun Bin’s excellent acting skills, the character Woo Young Woo appears more authentic, clearer, and more accessible to the audience.  Even her voice and her way of talking are very different from Park Eun Bin’s in real life. 

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