NewJeans’ Minji Told to Smile, Danielle Wore Bright Expression Amid HYBE-ADOR Fued

Amid the feud between HYBE and NewJeans’ agency ADOR, NewJeans Minji and Danielle do their schedules as normal. 

On April 23, NewJeans’ Minji attended a luxury brand event held at a store in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

As an ambassador for the brand, Minji made her first official appearance amid the escalating conflict between her agency, ADOR, as well as the major shareholder, HYBE.

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Dressed in black leather pants and a lovely blouse, Minji posed for the photocall with a stiff expression, seemingly tense. She also boasts an air of fatigue, likely from the ongoing clashes between CEO Min Hee-jin and HYBE.

newjeans minji

Nevertheless, Minji maintained her composure, graciously fulfilling journalists’ requests for heartwarming gestures and waving hands, showcasing her professional demeanor. However, throughout the shoot, Minji struggled to smile even at a reporter’s request.

On the other hand, NewJeans’ Danielle departed through Incheon Airport to attend the Celine event held in Taiwan. 

Danielle, who appeared with a calm hairstyle with bangs down, added a casual charm with a varsity jacket. Afterwards, she showed a confident attitude by making various poses, at the same time wearing bright expressions. 

Source: LSB, Daum, Wikitree

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