Brave Girls Yu Jeong, “Saying goodbye to the company that I’ve been with for 8 years is painful and heartbreaking”

Brave Girls member Yu Jeong expressed her feelings after her exclusive contract with Brave Entertainment expired.

On February 16th, Yu Jeong made a post on her Instagram account, saying “I’m so sorry and sad that I have to greet you with the news that we can’t laugh about today”, adding “I’m saying goodbye to Brave Entertainment that I have been with for 8 years”.

She continued, “I’m grateful to have been at that place where I achieved my dream, met my beloved members then cried and laughed with them, and also learned more about myself, about true love and friendship”, adding “Compared to when I was determined to leave 2 years ago, our breakup this time after achieving bigger things is more painful and heartbreaking”.

Brave Girls Yu Jeong

Following Min Young, Yu Jeong also denied rumors of Brave Girls’ disbandment. The female idol emphasized, “We won’t part ways forever”, adding “Someday, I  really want to prove that we are not saying goodbye to each other forever with the members.”

She added, “Please look forward and support all Brave Girls members, Min Young, Yu Jeong, Eun Ji, and Yu Na, wherever we are and whatever we do”, adding “I hope you won’t be hurt by the news today, and we will definitely meet again in one place someday”.

Earlier, Brave Entertainment announced the expiry of its exclusive contract with Brave Girls. The agency said, “Our exclusive contracts with four members Min Young, Yu Jeong, Eun Ji, and Yu Na will end today”, adding “They will officially wrap up their group activities with the release of digital single ‘Goodbye’ today”.

Brave Girls Yoojung

They continued, “We sincerely thank Min Young, Yu Jeong, Eun Ji, and Yu Na, who have been passionately active as members of Brave Girls for the past seven years, and we want to give them a generous round of applause”, adding “We will always support the members’ new activities”.

On the same day, Min Young also left a message on the fan communication platform, saying “We (Brave Girls) are not disbanding”, adding “The four members are always willing to be together. This is just the end of our exclusive contracts with the company, and we stay the same as a group.”

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