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“Street Man Fighter” 1MILLION talked about their mental struggles, “I’m sorry and grateful for EXO and SEVENTEEN…”

Dance crew 1MILLION, which was recently eliminated from “Street Man Fighter”, talked about their struggles in an interview.

On November 7th, a video interview was held with the dance crew 1MILLION, which recently appeared on the Mnet dance show “Street Man Fighter”. As the crew is led by legendary Kpop choreographers such as Baek Gu Young (Mihawk Back) and Choi Young Jun, they must have faced a lot of pressure. 


Talking about their appearance on “Street Man Fighter”, Choi Young Jun said, “It was too much pressure, I am already 39 years old. Since I have done so many works, I thought that I had to show myself doing well no matter what.” 

He also shared that since 7 members represented the whole crew at “Street Man Fighter”, they were worried and decided to use the opportunity to broaden their spectrum. 

Baek Gu Young, who is nicknamed “the father of EXO”, also added that the show was both physically and mentally difficult, but he regarded it as an opportunity for personal growth. He then gave warmth by saying that he received support and comfort from the EXO members

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Meanwhile, Choi Young Jun, who participated in various choreographies for famous boy group SEVENTEEN, said that he felt apologetic towards the group. “Because I am SEVENTEEN’s teacher, I wanted to meet their expectations. When I showed a bad side, I sent a Kakao message to the SEVENTEEN members saying I was sorry”, he said.


1MILLION then discussed how they wanted new challenges. Alexx revealed he wants to work with ITZY and Kwon Eun Bi, and said he’s confident to create girl group choreographies. Root, on the other hand, talks about BIBI, and Yechan explained that he wanted to try working with a solo artist rather than a group. 

Although 1MILLION failed to advance to the finals, the crew expressed their gratitude and added that they gained many fans. 


The dance crew, which is currently in the process of preparing for the nationwide tour concert of “Street Man Fighter”, said that they want to create “a sexy atmosphere” and that they want to show both fun and rough sides, raising expectations. 

Source: daum

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