K-netizens debate on who is more popular with male fans, ITZY’s Yuna or aespa’s Winter?

Currently, when it comes to the most outstanding girl groups that represent the 4th generation of idols, many Kpop fans will immediately think of ITZY and aespa. Coming out of 2 major entertainment companies under BIG 3, ITZY and aespa quickly achieved much success soon after their debut. This explains why these two girl groups are often compared by netizens in many different aspects.

ITZY Yuna aespa Winter

Recently, Korean netizens had a heated debate about two famous members of ITZY and aespa. Both JYP and SM are known as the “flower gardens” as they own top visuals of Kpop. Therefore, it is not surprising that both Yuna and Winter constantly enter trending topics for their eye-catching and pretty appearances. 

ITZY Yuna aespa Winter
ITZY Yuna aespa Winter

Discussing the question “Is Yuna or Winter more popular with male fans?”, the Korean online community could not come to a consensus. Many people think that Yuna is the type of idol that attracts more fangirls while Winter dominates in popularity among the male community. However, some others claim that Yuna herself has many fanboys and is also mentioned a lot on forums for men, especially after the year-end music festivals held recently.

  • “I heard that the boys really like Winter.”
  • “I’m in a class with both boys and girls and Winter’s popularity among the boys is really overwhelming”
  • “Isn’t Winter more popular among men? I find Yuna more popular with women”
  • “Yuna dominates in popularity with women but Winter seems to be a bit better when it comes to popularity with men”
  • “Definitely Winter”
  • “For men it’s Winter and for women it’s Yuna”
  • “Yuna is more popular with men these days! She gets mentioned a lot after year-end awards ceremonies”
  • “Yuna is also mentioned a lot on male forums. It doesn’t seem right to say Winter is overwhelming”
  • “Yuna has a lot of male fans”
  • “Yuna is popular with mature men and Winter is popular with middle and high school boys. Usually, teenage boys like cute faces while adult like sharper and sexier women”

Do you think Yuna or Winter is more popular with men?

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