Why is Lee Jong Suk and Yoona’s “Big Mouth” making waves in Korea and the world alike?

K-drama fans really should not miss out on “Big Mouth”, and this is the reason why.

Immediately after Lee Jong Suk and Yoona’s return with “Big Mouth” was announced, fans of the actors and general K-drama fans alike hold high expectations, and so far, this series is living up to the hype. 

Big Mouth: intense plot and logical world-building 

“Big Mouth” follows the male lead Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), who is suddenly dragged into a huge scheme. From an innocent, if not somewhat lackluster lawyer, he was mistaken for the notorious criminal Big Mouse and thrown into the Gucheon prison – which holds the most evil people. Here, Chang Ho has no choice but to adjust, adapt, and find out the truth behind his predicament, while finding justice for himself. 

The drama has so far aired 4 episodes, and every character can be the true Big Mouse, from Chang Ho’s cellmate Jerry, his wife Go Mi Ho (Yoona), his seemingly kind father-in-law, the greedy jailer Park Yoon Gab, the ambitious mayor Choi Do Ha, the company president Gong Ji Hoon, to even Chang Ho himself. 

While intense and dripping, the world within “Big Mouth” is also extremely realistic, with cunning politicians and the intricate relationships between the characters. 

A moving love story 

With Lee Jong Suk and SNSD Yoona as the main cast, of course there will be some focus on the love life. Watching the series, one will easily be moved by the feelings Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho have for each other. For Chang Ho, no matter how scheming he has to get inside the prison, in front of his wife, he’s just a simple man. 

On the other hand, Mi Ho is a strong yet sacrificing woman, who never hesitates to assist her husband. She willingly uses her savings to support Chang Ho through law school, and doesn’t leave him even when he’s in the darkest spot: scammed and imprisoned. 

Most viewers want Mi Ho and Chang Ho to not be “Big Mouth”, and for both of them to be innocent. However, even if the opposite was the case, one thing remains clear: the feelings they have for each other are sincere. In addition, instead of interfering with “Big Mouth”s true goal, this love line is far from being the main focus of the story, 

Emotional scenes between Chang Ho and Mi Ho give viewers a “break” from the intense sequences that keep them on the edge of their seats. However, the love line is not the main focus of “Big Mouth”, thereby keeping the true nature of the hard-boiled noir genre.

The cast’s good acting 

“Big Mouth” marks Lee Jong Suk’s highly anticipated comeback to the small screen after a three-year hiatus. And Lee Jong Suk did not disappoint viewers who have been looking forward to watching him in an ongoing drama again. 

Lee Jong Suk’s portrayal of Park Chang Ho so far has been flawless as if the role was made for him. Diverse expressions, from helpless when faced with powerful people, anger at injustices, tenderness when he’s with Mi Ho, to confidence when confronting enemies, are all well expressed by Lee Jong Suk. 

As for Yoona, her acting has shown noticeable improvement in “Big Mouth”. The Girls’ Generation member is successfully transforming into a tough, resilient Go Mi Ho who is willing to do everything to clear her husband’s name.

Besides Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, the third main character of “Big Mouth”, antagonist Choi Do Ha, played by Kim Joo Hun is also leaving a great impression on viewers. In addition, the supporting cast including Jang Kyung Won, who plays Gong Ji Hoon, Jung Jae Sung, who plays Park Yoon Gab, Kwak Dong Yeon, who plays Jerry, Yoo Tae Joo, who plays Tak Kwang Yeon, are all fulfilling their roles. 

After the first 4 episodes, the average nationwide rating of Big Mouth has reached 8.6%, ranking 1st place across all dramas aired in the same time slot. With more thrilling developments to be unveiled in the coming episodes, “Big Mouth” is expected to soon achieve double-digit ratings.

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