Most Cursed K-drama Cast: Drug Use, Sexual Allegations, Suicide, and More

An old K-drama has been drawing attention for a not-so-positive reason: Having the "most cursed K-drama cast".

Aired in 2010, the K-drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” was extremely well-received back in its days. However, viewers now find the series hard to watch, as all of the major cast members – including the villain, got embroiled in controversies. 

In fact, the controversies that shadow the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” cast are so serious, many people believed the K-drama got “cursed”.

To start with, Park Min-young assumed the role of female lead Kim Yoon-hee, a poor girl who disguises herself as a man to earn money, only to later attend Sungkyunkwan University after a series of incidents. This role helped Park Min-young to earn the title of “historical beauty” . 

However, earlier this year, media outlet Dispatch accused Park Min-young of receiving money from her ex-boyfriend, a notorious tycoon known for committing fraud. After this scandal, the image built by Park Min-young over nearly 20 years as an actress largely collapsed, leading to heavy criticism from the public. It was only thanks to the success of “Marry My Husband” that Park Min-young managed to regain her standing. 

Meanwhile, Park Yoo-chun portrayed the male lead Lee Seon-jun, a handsome and talented scholar who is the son of the prime minister. “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” marked the first time the former TVXQ member played the lead role in a K-drama, and his performance in the series also earned the idol-actor the awards of Best New Actor at the KBS Drama Awards and at Baeksang Arts Awards.

In 2016, however, four different women alleged Park Yoo-chun of sexual assault, leading to his image being severely affected in the public’s eyes. Furthermore, in 2019, Park Yoo-chun caused a sensation again when he got involved in a drug scandal. From being a sought-after star, he was banned from appearing on public TV in his home country and could only work abroad.

Another key character in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, the “playboy” and merchant’s son Goo Yong-ha, was played by Song Joong-ki. Being a relatively small name at the time, Song Joong-ki shot to fame with this mischievous role, and is now known as a top actor in Korea with a solid career.

Despite being an A-list actor, Song Joong-ki still faces many controversies in recent years, with his reputation being significantly affected by the actor’s actions during and after his divorce from Song Hye-kyo. 

Finally, playing the strong, mysterious, yet charming second male lead Moon Jae-shin was Yoo Ah-in, whose career largely took off after this role. At the time, interactions between his character and Song Joong-ki’s were loved by many viewers, considered a highlight of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and even nailing a “Best Couple Awards”.

Later on, Yoo Ah-in rose to become a revered acting star in the Korean entertainment industry, receiving both commercial and critical successes. However,  at the beginning of 2023, the actor was embroiled in a drug scandal that shocked the industry. Authorities confirmed that he tested positive for four types of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. This scandal completely destroyed the promising career of an actor well-known as one of the best of his time. 

Sungkyunkwan Scandal-jeon tae soo

Finally, actor Jeon Tae-soo assumed the role of one of the major antagonists, Ha In-soo, in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”.  Despite his career being on the rise after the series, in 2011, Jeon Tae-soo was involved in a drunk-driving scandal, where he caused public disturbance and resisted a public official. Subsequently, the actor tried to rebuild his image but was unsuccessful. He suffered from depression for a long time and committed suicide in early 2018.

Source: K14

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