Lee Young-ae Reveals When Her Daughter Criticized Her Appearance, “I Was Very Shocked”

Actress Lee Young-ae confessed embarrassment when her elementary school student daughter criticized her appearance

Lee Young-ae will appear on the upcoming broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” at 9:05 p.m. on November 26th.

During the recording, Lee Young-ae confessed that she was a big fan of “My Little Old Boy”, saying she often enjoyed watching the show with her husband. When the actress mentioned her favorite karaoke song chosen by her daughter, ‘My Little Old Boy’ mothers were very surprised. She also sang a part of the song.

When asked, “Does Lee Young-ae nag at her children?”, the actress, who is raising twins, honestly answered, “If I don’t nag them, they would drive me mad”, drawing sympathy from the mothers. Lee Young-ae also told an anecdote in which she was shocked to know her daughter, who is an elementary school student, criticized her mother’s appearance, drawing laughter. For this reason, she carefully prepared for her children’s school presentations like when she did for awards ceremonies. Attention is focused on what story it will be.

As Lee Young-ae’s unexpected appearance at a parents’ meeting once became a hot topic, everyone was curious about that. Known to be close to other parents, the actress said she went to karaoke after meeting with the parents and invited 50 people, including parents and their children, to a country house in Yangpyeong. Another side of Lee Young-ae as a mother, not as an actress, will be unveiled on the show.

Meanwhile, Lee Young-ae surprised “My Little Old Boy” mothers when she said, “Before our marriage, my husband even quit doing this win my heart”. The official broadcast will disclose what her husband gave up in order to capture the heart of goddess Lee Young-ae.

Source: Nate

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