Kara’s Kang Ji-young Shares Unpleasant Story She Witnessed At Police Station, “They Were So Unfriendly”

Kara member Kang Ji-young expressed her upset feelings after witnessing an annoying situation at the police station

On April 23rd, Kang Ji-young shared a long post on her SNS, saying “I’m going to talk about something a little serious. 

Visiting the police station due to the issue related to her license, Kang Ji-young said, “I accidentally saw an old woman at the counter next to me. She came to renew her license”, adding “Among the questions, they asked her whether she had a medical examination in the country and whether her vision was over 0.8. The woman said it was lower than 0.8. Upon hearing that, the staff bluntly told the woman that she couldn’t renew her license that day and asked her to get glasses right away. The woman was very confused”.

kang ji young

Expressing her disappointment, Kang Ji-young said, “What made me so upset is.. What if the woman was my mother? If I had witnessed such a situation with my own eyes in which the employee in charge was so unfriendly and annoying and my mother didn’t know what to do, I believed my heart would hurt so much”.

The female singer confessed, “In the midst of the rapid development these days that it is even hard for me to keep up with things like kiosks, numerous kinds of applications, etc., I felt so angry seeing the old woman being confused and embarrassed by such things. With various thoughts like ‘She just doesn’t know what to do’, ‘You guys just have to explain it a little bit more detail’, etc. in my mind, I cried with my trembling hands all the way back home.”

Kang Ji-young then added, “I hope they can make a manual in large letters so that old people can read and understand it more easily”, adding “Some may think, ‘Who are you to say this?’. But if there’s anything I can help, I hope to participate in making a manual like that”.

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