Is BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” a bullet aimed at TWICE?

BLACKPINK is embroiled in allegations that they target TWICE with their new song.

On some online communities on August 19th, after BLACKPINK revealed the pre-released track “Pink Venom” for their 2nd full album, many are suspecting that some of the lyrics of “Pink Venom” is to attack TWICE.


Among the lyrics of “Pink Venom,” the first part in question is “Eat your popcorn, don’t think about cutting in”. This is said to be aimed at TWICE, who are the promoting models of CGV movie theaters and even have their own “TWICE Combo Set.”

Some suggested that the following lyrics also contain content related to TWICE. The part “I talk that talk, runways I walk walk/ Eyes closed pop pop no need to look/One by one then two by two” is being put on the cutting board.


These netizens noted that the name of TWICE’s latest album is “BETWEEN 1&2” and their title song is “Talk That Talk”.

The fact that the debut song of TWICE member Nayeon, who debuted as a soloist in May, is “Pop!” also supported their opinion.

Some argued that the English lyrics of “Pink Venom,” which goes “Quite fancy for a fake show,” is intended to include the name of TWICE’s title song “Fancy.”

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To sum up the content of these claims, BLACKPINK is suspected of indirectly dissing TWICE with content related to the JYP girl group in their new song “Pink Venom.”

Some Internet users believed in this “Targeting TWICE” rumor, saying that YG Entertainment celebrities are always embroiled in suspicions that they target other singers every time they released a new song.

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This has caused a heated debate on related online communities. From the counterargument that “Isn’t this an unreasonable interpretation?” to the argument that “it is credible because the song contains various contents, not just one.”

Earlier, BLACKPINK held a press conference to unveil “Pink Venom”. Member Jennie explained the meaning of the title “Pink Venom” as “the word that can best express the unexpected charm of our group’s identity.”

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Teddy and Danny Jung wrote the lyrics for “Pink Venom.”

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