“Squid Game” Star Lee Jung-jae and Nation’s MC Yoo Jae-seok Showed Off Their Friendship With BLACKPINK’s Jennie, “We Are Jennie Line”

Actor Lee Jung-jae and MC Yoo Jae-seok showed off their friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

The trailer for the upcoming episode of the show “Pinggyego” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Ddeun Ddeun” on May 18, featuring top actor Lee Jung-jae. In the video, Lee greeted host Yoo Jae-suk, who was also his colleague in the military, by shouting “Woo-woo.”

Yoo Jae-seok asked Lee Jung-jae, “It’s not because of (promoting) ‘Squid Game’ that you came here today, is it?” and Lee jokingly replied, “It’s for ‘Star Wars’.”

yoo jae suk

In the upcoming episode, Lee Jung-jae also shared about his hobby of watching eating shows (mukbang), saying, “I didn’t eat a lot, but I didn’t expect I would watch eating shows until early in the morning. One time I had to leave the house at 6 a.m., but I was already watching them until 3 a.m.”

Lee Jung-jae also showed off his unexpected friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, saying, “I got a Gentle Monster gift from Jennie.” Host Yang Sẽ-chan responded, “Are you close to Jennie? You are probably. Come to think of it, world stars must all be friends with each other. There must be a group chat for global stars as well.” Yoo Jae-seok and Yang Se-chan raised their thumbs, bragging about their friendship with Jennie as well, “We are all Jennie line. Jennie is the best.”

In fact, Yoo Jae-suk and Jennie are both cast members of tvN’s entertainment show “Apartment 404.” Meanwhile, the “Pingyego” episode featuring Lee Jung-jae will be released at 9 a.m. on May 25th (KST).

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