Fans Cannot Get Over Kim Hye-yoon’s Cuteness In New Photos Taken On The Set Of “Lovely Runner”

Actress Kim Hye-yoon released photos taken on the drama set.

On May 17th, Kim Hye-yoon released several photos without any comments on her account.

In one photo, Kim Hye-yoon is cutely dressed in a white jacket coordinated with a slightly bushy permed hairstyle and a yellow shirt. Kim Hye-yoon is listening with a concentrated look, boasting Ayer perfect nose and elegant jawline. In another photo, Kim Hye-yoon was taking a mirror selfie wearing a red workout zip-up. Her dimples are adorable, which can be seen as her trademark. In addition, red roses decorating the mirror on her red workout clothing are in harmony, and the white t-shirt Kim He-yoon wore inside is also in harmony with the white of the mirror. The last photo shows Kim He-yoon smiling cutely while imitating a pose in which a character as lovely as her puts a finger on her face.

Netizens responded enthusiastically with comments such as, “Hye-yoon, please upload a lot of pictures,” “I really become Seon-jae every time I see Hye-yoon.” This reaction is due to Kim Hye-yoon’s unique charm, but as mentioned earlier, it will also come from her acting ability, which makes viewers’ hearts race and eyes heat up with turbulent emotions.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-yoon is working with Byun Woo-seok in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Lovely Runner.”

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