Se7en Shocked by Wife Lee Da-hae’s Makeup Sound

Se7en was dumbfounded by his wife Lee Da-hae's makeup routine.

Recently, Lee Da-hae uploaded a short video. In the video titled “Helicopter Makeup Technique,” Se7en is startled by the ‘dudududu’ sound resembling helicopter blades, prompting him to open the door and rush out.


With a surprised look on Se7en’s face, the couple’s dog, Lee Da-hae’s mother, and other people, all with shocked expressions, appear one by one. They hurriedly run towards the source of the sound.

Not only do they all perform dynamic actions, but Se7en’s expression is genuinely one of shock and bewilderment. 

When he finally opens the door to the source of the noise, he finds Lee Da-hae patting her face with a makeup puff, creating the helicopter-like sound.

Those who rushed to the source of the sound, including Se7en, are left speechless and dazed. Se7en’s expression was particularly realistic.

se7en-lee da hae

Netizens responded with various comments such as “Did Se7en debut as an actor?”, “Why is his expression so real?”, “This is really funny”, and “Lee Da-hae is unexpectedly funny. Unnie, please film a rom-com soon.”

Meanwhile, Se7en and Lee Da-hae got married last year after eight years of publicly dating.

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