A 10-Year Age Gap Doesn’t Stop This K-Drama Noona Romance From Making Viewers’ Hearts Flutter  

It's been a long time since K-drama has seen such a beautiful noona romance with a 10-year age difference.

“The Midnight Romance In Hagwon” is currently a weekend drama receiving much attention from the audience. In its first two episodes, the drama maintained a rating above 5%, a decent achievement for a cable drama. 

The Midnight Romance In Hagwon

Watching the drama, viewers are enamored with the wonderful chemistry between the main couple, Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Joon. Although in the first episodes, they do not have many intimate interactions, mostly engaging in conversations filled with subtly flirty lines, they have already made viewers’ hearts flutter.

In the drama, Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Joon play characters who are former teacher and student. Currently, after 10 years, Lee Joon Ho (Wi Ha Joon) has graduated and has a dream job, but he decides to give it all up to become a teacher. His sole purpose is to spend time and effort to be with the person he has loved unrequitedly for many years—his former teacher Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeo Won). 

Although the older woman-younger man romance is not a new trope in K-dramas, the gentle and romantic vibes of “The Midnight Romance In Hagwon” still captivate viewers.

Despite playing a teacher-student pair, Hye Jin and Joon Ho only have an age difference on screen because Joon Ho was among the first students in Hye Jin’s career. Therefore, their appearance does not differ much. 

The Midnight Romance In Hagwon

This is why viewers do not realize that, in real life, the female lead of “The Midnight Romance In Hagwon” is actually 10 years older than the male lead. The huge age gap is hardly noticeable as they look compatible and attractive together. 

This is probably thanks to Jung Ryeo Won’s youthful visuals at 43. From behind-the-scenes photos to on-screen appearances, and even magazine shoots, Jung Ryeo Won appears to be the same age as her co-star.

Source: K14

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