Guan Xiaotong named in the list of Chinese stars causing embarrassment at Cannes 2024

The behavior of Chinese celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival has recently been a hot topic in China. Reports surfaced of embarrassing moments involving some of the country’s top stars at this prestigious event, with Guan Xiaotong being singled out this time.

guan xiaotong

According to iFeng, Guan Xiaotong, much like Tong Liya, received a reminder from Cannes organizers for lingering too long while posing. 

Specifically, as she walked down the red carpet stairs, the actress paused every few steps to pose for photos. Her actions caught the attention of event organizers, who intervened to remind her. Despite initially hurrying along, Guan Xiaotong resumed her posing, prompting a staff member to approach and escort her away.

Criticism from iFeng centered on Guan Xiaotong’s prolonged posing, noting that she had been similarly reminded at Cannes 2023 but repeated the behavior this year. 

With five Cannes appearances, Guan Xiaotong was expected to understand the event’s red carpet etiquette, making her lingering actions, even after being reminded, draw backlash.

guan xiaotong

On the festival’s opening day on May 14 (French time), Tong Liya, Jade Leung, and Chinese internet sensation Miles Moretti also drew criticism for wasting time on the red carpet. 

Despite reminders from event staff, Tong Liya’s team and Miles Moretti persisted in posing, even though photographers had turned their attention elsewhere. These actions sparked heavy criticism on social media.

guan xiaotong

The Chinese media outlets commented that the behavior of numerous Chinese stars on Cannes’ opening day, from A-listers to mid-tier celebrities, had left the domestic netizens feeling embarrassed.

Source: K14

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