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Han Ga In “380 points out of 400 on the CSAT… My first daughter studies better than me” (My Little Old Boy)

Han Ga In revealed her study secret and mentioned her first daughter.

On SBS’ “My Little Old Boy“, which aired on Nov 20th, actress Han Ga In appeared and showed off her candid volubility.

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han ga in my little old boy

On this day, Han Ga In said that she had a hard time keeping the concept of mysticism.

Han Ga In confessed, “The company said that it’d be better not to appear on entertainment shows since there’s a difference between my actual personality and broadcasting image. If I show up at places like that, I’ll break my image.”

han ga in my little old boy

She revealed, “I think my family is nervous (about me appearing on variety shows). My husband sighed deeply while reading an article about me. He said, ‘When did you say this again?‘”

She said with a smile, “My mom told me, ‘My Little Old Boy has high ratings. Many people watch it. I hope you don’t appear on it.’

When Seo Jang Hoon asked “When did you know you were pretty?“, Han Ga In replied, “I knew when I attended college.”

han ga in my little old boy

Then, Han Ga In’s high school interview footage was released. Han Ga In explained, “I did that interview at the recommendation of my classmates.”

She added, “At that time, during the interview, I thought that if I became a celebrity, it could be used as an old footage. That’s why it’s amazing.”

han ga in my little old boy

Regarding her appearance on “Golden Bell Challenge”, Seo Jang Hoon introduced, “She’s famous for studying well during her school days. It is said that she got 384 points out of 400 on the CSAT.”

Han Ga In caused laughter by revealing, “My actual CSAT score is 380 points. It went up little by little to 384, but I didn’t bother to correct it.”

han ga in my little old boy

Regarding her study secret, Han Ga In said, “I never did anything else in class during my school days. I was completely focused. I never nodded off.”

Regarding her children’s school record, she shared, “My first child studies very well. I can’t compare to her. I’m not smart, I’m average. My child has great concentration and likes books.”

Source: Daum

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