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Former Crayon Pop member Soyul “I was embarrassed because I had to wear a helmet on stage”

The March 18th broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros” will feature “mother idols” Bada, Sunye and Soyul, who dominated the music industry. On this day, the three will reminisce about their heyday and reveal episodes in the music industry.

First of all, Bada, the “original fairy” representing first-generation idols, made everyone laugh by saying, “At the time of S.E.S.’s debut, our concept was rich families’ daughters singing as a hobby.

Soyul knowing bros

Wonder Girls Sunye, the representative of second-generation idols, recalled the days of “Tell Me”, which colored the entire nation with retro fever. She shared, “We couldn’t feel our popularity because SNS was not active at that time.

Crayon Pop is a third-generation idol group which gained huge popularity with its unique concept. Soyul, who married Moon Hee Joon due to premarital pregnancy after leaving Crayon Pop, drew attention by mentioning “helmet”, which was the trademark of “Bar Bar Bar”. Soyul said, “I thought it would be an innocent and cute concept like other girl groups, but I was embarrassed because I had to wear a helmet on stage.


Episodes of the heydays of “mother idols” Bada, Sunye and Soyul, who represented the music industry, can be found on “Knowing Bros”, which is scheduled to air at 8:50 p.m. on March 18th.

Meanwhile, Soyul officially began dating Moon Hee Joon in April 2016 and announced their marriage in November that year. Soyul, who was pregnant before marriage, got married in February 2017 and gave birth to a daughter in May. After that, she officially left Crayon Pop in July.

Source: Daum

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