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Choi Hyun-seok’s second daughter is 178cm tall as she got dad’s genes… She even cried because of height problem

The enormous height of famous chef Choi Hyun-seok’s daughters is being re-examined.

Choi Hyun-seok appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star“, which aired in July 2019, and talked about the height of his two daughters. This scene has recently been shared on various online communities and is being re-examined.

choi hyun seok

Choi Hyun-seok said, “My first daughter is 170cm, and my second daughter is 178cm.”

He then added, “When my second daughter was 176cm, she cried, saying, ‘I was ruined because of my 190cm dad.'”

In the photos of the two daughters that were released on the show, they are showing off their slim and long figure like their father.

choi hyeon seok radio star

Choi Hyun-seok’s first daughter, Choi Yeon-su, is currently working as a model and actress.

Source: wikitree

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