Upcoming groups in 2019: Big Hit’s new boygroup is under great pressure!

The rookie groups in 2019 will take on tremendous pressure from fans.

2019 will be the time when 3rd generation idol groups enter the stage of stable careers and new groups will be coming in KPop industry. These rookies will blow a new wave into the Hallyu wave with a promising future.

However, the pressure came when the opportunity opened up for these groups. New groups will shoulder the task of meeting the public’s expectations, inheriting the accomplishments that older groups have established.

Big Hit Entertainment’s new boygroup

Big Hit has officially announced to the media today that their new boy band will debut in 2019. The scale and concept of the group has yet to be determined. Although not officially released, this group has to shoulder on the label of “BTS’ brothers”.

BTS – the only idol group under Big Hit has entered the list of legendary idol groups of K-POP. BTS’ reputation is like the “octopus”, crossing the Korean border, spreading throughout Asia and to the world. BTS has a huge fandom, full of Daesang awards, and high album sales. The success of “sunbaenim” will be a big pressure to the upcoming group.

New girl group of JYP Entertainment

JYP is a company focusing on the debut of girl groups. From Wonder Girls, Miss A to TWICE, all of them are loved and supported wholeheartedly by the public.

In particular, TWICE is one of the leading girl group of 3rd generation. The girls have high popularity in Korea and Japan. Whether it’s digital, YouTube view, or album sales, TWICE makes the public astonished by the huge number of achievements. This will be a big challenge for JYP’s upcoming girl group. This rookie group will have to make great effort to promote the achievements that their senior has had.

SM Entertainment’s main girlgroup

Being under pressure like BTS’ junior group is the main female group of SM that will debut next year. Some trainees have left the company, proving that SM has gradually perfected the girlgroup’s appearance. However, the success of the group is still a huge question.

Everyone knows that, for K-POP fans, SNSD is the legendary girl group, so far, there is no real afterglow to overcome the shadow of the group. This noble mission will be put on the shoulders of the new girlgroup. However, to create the reputation and success like SNSD has done is really a dilemma.

The boygroup from “YG Treasure Box”

YG Entertainment is preparing to select the talented trainees for the new group through the show “YG Treasure Box”.

It can be seen that over the past years, the two groups WINNER and iKON, despite their strong support, have not really met YG’s expectations, which is to create a second Big Bang leading the Hallyu wave. It seems that the hope of the company is being transferred to the new group.

YG is a company that is highly demanding of artists, especially male trainees. YG idols themselves have also revealed that each passing day in YG is like being in a survival show. Even after debut, they have struggled and struggled to gain a solid footing. The pressure placed on the shoulders of the trainees under YG is growing up every day, especially when their seniors are monsters in the entertainment industry.

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