5 impressive jealousy fights in Korean dramas: Jang Na Ra’s method is more polite than Son Ye Jin’s

Below are some famous K-drama jealousy fights scenes.

Apart from romantic scenes, jealousy fights are also often seen in K-dramas. Especially in dramas about family, there are always details such as two-timing or love affair. Let’s look through some jealousy fights between the wives and the mistresses.

1. Thirty Nine: The female lead fights back the wife

Thirty Nine” centers around the life stories of 3 successful and beautiful women. However, they are not so lucky when it comes to love. Among the three, Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do) is dating a married man. After knowing that her best friend is terminally ill, Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) was really sad and got mad at herself for having criticized Chan Young.

Mi Jo decided to visit Chan Young and comfort her but unintentionally witnessed Chan Young being criticized by the wife of her boyfriend. Cha Mi Jo, who burst with anger after having endured all her feelings for a long time, surprised all the viewers as she interfered in the conversation and fought back to protect her friend. 

2. The World of the Married: The wife and her husband came to his girlfriend’s house to have dinner 

Audiences who watched this drama will all agree that the way Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) suppressed her husband’s girlfriend was not only gentle but also deep enough to cause confusion in the family of the girlfriend.

This drama achieved record-breaking ratings thanks to its interesting story and the excellent performances of the cast. One of the most impressive scenes was when Sun Woo came to the house of her husband’s girlfriend.

After carrying out a secret investigation on her bad husband and his young mistress, Sun Woo called her husband to the house of the girlfriend to reveal their love affair.

Ignoring Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee)’s parents, Sun Woo continuously criticized and showed attitudes of looking down on her. After pouring out all her thoughts, she left while the others were getting mad. 

3. My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week: Physical revenge 

Just by looking at the name, My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week, it’s already obvious that this drama will include many jealousy scenes. And the most memorable ones are when Eun Ah Ra (Ye Ji Won) finally makes a fuss about her husband’s cheating. 

The mistress of Eun Ah Ra’s husband is a shameless and stubborn woman. She even has the guts to slap the wife, which startles viewers.

However, soon, Eun Ah Ra steps up and gives the other woman an appropriate lesson. The physical revenge causes the mistress to fall so hard on the ground, which is absolutely deserving. 

4. VIP: Polite jealousy

The most courteous jealousy scene in the history of K-dramas should be given to Na Jung Sun (Jang Nara) in VIP. The female lead’s married life seems wonderful at first, but after suspecting her husband of having an affair, she comes up with a plan to follow his every move to find out the truth. 

After grasping the evidence in hand, Jung Sun calmly goes with her husband to have lunch where On Yoo Ri (Pyo Ye Jin) is also present. On Yoo Ri is the one who has been seeing Na Jung Sun’s husband behind her back for a long time.

Na Jung Sun does not want to make a scene at first, but she ends up divulging the whole story right in front of On Yoo Ri’s parents because Na Jung Sun can’t stand the way On Yoo Ri has no shame. No need to throw hands, the wife in VIP still manages to make the other woman’s entire family feel humiliated before she walks away fiercely. 

5. Search: WWW: Stepmother demands justice for her stepdaughter

Someone said, Search: WWW is a pile of marital problems and I completely agree with this. In this drama, there were a lot of mistress-punishment scenes that caused a fever on SNS at that time.

The most notable scene is where mother-in-law Park Bok Ja (Kim Sun Ah) beats her stepson’s mistress right at her house to get revenge for her daughter-in-law Woo Ah Jin (Kim Hee Sun). More specifically, Bok Ja is just Woo Ah Jin’s stepmother-in-law. However, Bok Ja’s actions really helped many viewers to relieve their anger after many days of witnessing Hee Sun suffering from a treacherous husband and a brazen mistress.

It is true that each character will have a different way of acting depending on their personality even though they have to go through the same situation. If you have watched all of the dramas above, you will definitely agree with me that they all have very satisfying mistress-punishment scenes. Stay tuned for more!

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