Lisa also suffers from a hack?… BLACKPINK’s selfies and a photo of BTS V are being spread online

While dating photos of Jennie and BTS’s V are being leaked one after another, undisclosed photos of other BLACKPINK members are also spreading.

Unreleased selfies of BLACKPINK Rosé, Lisa and Ji-soo are spreading rapidly all over the place on Twitter. 

In a photo, Lisa and Ji-soo smiled brightly in the mirror. Both were wearing masks but they couldn’t hide their pure visuals.

In addition, a photo of Jennie and Rosé during their recent U.S schedule was also revealed.  The two were seen wrapping their arms around each other’s shoulders and making the V sign pose.

There is also a picture showing the cat raised at Jennie’s parents’ house lying next to a man believed to be V. There are also many selfies of BLACKPINK members taken at the airport. 

Recently, there are rumors of Jennie’s smartphone getting hacked. However, as more photos of BLACKPINK members spread, netizens suspect that Lisa has also become a victim of a hack.

Source: wikitree

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