BTS Suga’s “Amygdala” MV Rated R, unavailable for viewers under 19 

The music video for BTS Suga’s new song “Amygdala” has been rated R with age restrictions. 

Suga, also known as Agust D, released his solo album “D-DAY” on April 21st. The album includes the title track “Haegeum” and a total of 10 songs.

One of the songs, “Amygdala”, is named after the part of the brain called the “amygdala”, which plays a crucial role in processing emotions and information related to motivation, learning, fear, and anxiety. In “Amygdala”, Suga reveals his trauma and memories he would rather not confront.

The “Amygdala” music video was released on the official HYBE LABELS YouTube channel on April 25th, but age restrictions have been applied, making it unavailable for viewers under 19.

The music video begins with Suga’s story. Alone in a dark space, he dreams of riding a motorcycle and suddenly wakes up due to a traffic accident. As he tries to go outside, he finds himself lying on a couch. Another persona appears, watching the situation between him and his reflection.

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As he recalls the memories of the accident, Suga draws a knife across his face. Towards the end, another Suga inside his memory attempts to rescue him from the trauma, but the scene closes with him in pain, with a tightly closed door separating them.

The “Amygdala” music video is based on Suga’s actual experience of a traffic accident. At the age of 18, he began his trainee life at Big Hit Music and had a traffic accident while working part-time as a delivery driver at the age of 20. He was severely injured and traumatized by the accident, but through the “Amygdala” music video, he reveals his sincerity to save himself.

After releasing his solo album, Suga will embark on a world tour ‘SUGA | Agust D-DAY TOUR,’ starting in the United States on April 26th, followed by Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Seoul.

Source: wikitree

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