The TOP 10 most viewed K-Pop MVs of all time only have these 3 names

Unsurprisingly, these are the 3 names whose MVs are the most viewed K-Pop MVs of all time on Youtube.

In the TOP 10 most viewed K-Pop MVs of all time on Youtube, male artist PSY holds the top 3 with the MVs of “Gangnam Style”, “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style” (ft. HyunA). Among those 3, the megahit “Gangnam Style” has reached 3,2 billion views and is currently holding the #6 spot in the top most viewed video in the world.


BLACK PINK also own themselves 3 MVs in the TOP 10 on Youtube which are “DDU-DU DDU-DU“, “As If It’s Your Last” and “Boombayah“. Among all the 3rd generation girlgroups, these girls from YG have the most views and subscribers on Youtube.


The last name in the list is BTS with 4 MVs for “DNA”, ”Fire”, ”Fake Love” and “MIC Drop”. Among those 4, “DNA” has the most views which is 646 million views at the #5 spot after PSY and BLACK PINK.


TOP 10 most viewed K-Pop MVs of all time

  1. PSY – Gangnam Style: 3.293.414.212 views
  2. PSY – Gentleman: 1.218.548.995 views
  3. PSY x HyunA – Gangnam Style: 732.904.296 views
  4. BLACK PINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU: 673.357.287 views
  5. BTS – DNA: 647.280.459 views
  6. BLACK PINK – As If It’s Your Last: 524.297.949 views
  7. BLACK PINK – Boombayah: 506.579.839 views
  8. BTS – Fire: 505.829.534 views
  9. BTS – Fake Love: 456.857.465 views
  10. BTS – Mic Drop: 439.308.048 views

Source: kenh14

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