A fan discovered how everyone could have survived the marble round on “Squid Game”

The games played in Netflix’s “Squid Game” are drawing more and more attention as the series has become a hit.

Fans all around the world are sharing tips on how to survive the games is the series such as the “Green Light Red Light” game, the “Dalgona picking” game, the “Paper flipping” game,… by digging up the rules themselves. In the midst of this, a novel survival method for the “Marble game” unveiled by a “Squid Game” fan is drawing attention.

Squid Game marbles

On Sep 30th, a short video of how everyone can survive the game of marbles was posted on the TikTok account “ladyanne0429”.

In the video, she claimed that if the participants played the game this way, they could survive altogether. First of all, the rule of the game is: 2 players will pair up, and the player who gets all 10 marbles of their opponent, wins. The time limit is 10 minutes, and the rule says you must obtain 10 marbles from the opponent without using violence. If you lose all your marbles, you are eliminated from the game.

Squid Game marbles

This woman said there was a way to win this game without violating the rule and made a demonstration with marbles. According to this Tiktoker, both partners just need to exchange and replace their 10 marbles one by one. Player A gives one marble to player B then B gives back one marble to A. If you exchange all 10 marbles in this way, you can replace all the marbles without losing yours until the end. In the video, the woman claimed, “The rules said you must take your partner’s marbles, but it didn’t require you to have all 20 marbles.”

Squid Game marbles

In response, netizens expressed mixed opinions, such as, “Everyone could have survived. But when they are on the verge of losing their lives, they could only focus on the competitions”, “I think the game managers must have some ways to prevent this”, “This is fair because you neither use violence nor break the rules”

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