Netizens once again rumored TWICE Nayeon of having undergone nose plastic surgery

Netizens raised rumors about Nayeon’s nose that looks weird and unnatural in her comeback teaser photo.

TWICE is releasing a new full album called “Formula Of Love: O+T=<3”. During the past few days, individual teaser photos of the girls have been revealed one after another, drawing keen attention from fans. In particular, the member who steals the spotlight all the time is Nayeon. She is often praised for her ability to digest all kinds of concepts and images.

However, apart from the compliments, Twitter users found Nayeon looks strange. In her teaser for the title song “Scientist” released on November 5th, many people couldn’t recognize Nayeon’s face since her nose seems to have changed. Meanwhile, lots of people commented, saying they believed Nayeon had gone through nose surgery and pointed out her sharp and unnatural nose tip.

TWICE Nayeon plastic
The controversial teaser photo of Nayeon

Some comments from netizens:

  • Nayeon is pretty but what happened to her nose?
  • I love Nayeon with bold eyebrows like she used to do before. It seems like her nose was already “touched” by surgeries
  • She looks pretty in all photos except for this one.
  • Her makeup artist did too much contouring. Nayeon is prettier in her natural face.

This is not the first time Nayeon has been caught up in plastic surgery rumors. Last month, a topic about “Nayeon’s face change” also attracted attention on an online forum in Korea. Knet said that Nayeon’s visuals from debut to now have significantly changed based on the change in eyebrow shape. However, many people still think that Nayeon had plastic surgery on her nose in the summer of 2020. During the More and More promotion, netizens pointed out that Nayeon’s nose looked slimmer and different than before. 

TWICE Nayeon plastic
Previously, Nayeon had a round nose tip and a medium nose
TWICE Nayeon plastic
Nayeon’s visual when she first made her debut
TWICE Nayeon plastic
From June 2020, Nayeon caused a stir because of her taller nose and strangely slim nose tip
TWICE Nayeon plastic
Some people think that Nayeon has plastic surgery on her nose
TWICE Nayeon plastic
During a livestream last year, Nayeon’s nose was said to be so different
TWICE Nayeon plastic
Nayeon’s nose is much taller than before
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