US Billboard signs first K-pop partnership with Kakao Entertainment

Billboard has entered into its first official partnership with Kakao Entertainment regarding K-pop

On April 17th, Billboard (President Mike Van) and Billboard Korea (CEO & Publisher Kim Yuna) signed a strategic partnership with Kakao Entertainment (Co-CEOs Kwon Kisoo and Jang Yoonjoong) to expand the global influence of K-pop.

This marks the first time Billboard headquarters has directly entered into an official partnership related to K-pop. Through this partnership, Billboard, Billboard Korea and Kakao Entertainment will establish a multi-dimensional cooperation system to accelerate the global spread and influence of K-pop. It is expected to open a new chapter for the K-pop industry, which is building a strong fandom and establishing its presence worldwide, in the global market.

CEO Billboard Mike Ban

Billboard and Kakao Entertainment plan to introduce various contents related to K-pop to fans worldwide and jointly promote comprehensive marketing and promotion for K-pop artists’ global activities. Additionally, they will unveil new business models combining Billboard’s rich data and global media influence with Kakao Entertainment’s capabilities in music IP planning, production and distribution.

Through this partnership, Billboard aims to successfully establish Billboard Korea, which will be launched in June, and expand its music portfolio to secure even greater influence in the global music industry.

Billboard’s President Mike Van stated, “Through our partnership with Kakao Entertainment, which has solid planning, production and distribution capabilities, we expect to introduce the diverse charm of K-pop to global music fans.”

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