Kim Byung Chul reveals sad memory of being abandoned on the filming set

Actor Kim Byung Chul recalled an unfair experience during the days when he only played small and supporting roles.

The June 27th broadcast of JTBC’s program “Dangpo” featured the main cast of the popular drama “Doctor Cha”, including Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul, Myung Se Bin and Min Woo Hyuk.

That day, Kim Byung Chul brought an old car key, revealing that it’s an object that contains his sad memories. The actor shared, “This car is no longer produced. It’s my father’s car”.

doctor cha

Kim Byung Chul shared, “There was a time when I borrowed my father’s car and went to the filming set alone. At that time, I only played minor and supporting roles. While driving to the set alone, I suddenly received a call telling me to come an hour earlier”.

He continued, “I replied that I was crossing downtown Seoul so if I hurried up, I could only arrive 15 minutes early. Hearing that, the staff sighed and told me to come quickly”, adding “From that moment, I kept getting calls, asking ‘Where are you?’, ‘Why don’t you come?’, etc. I felt really pressured and sweat a lot”.

The actor said, “I received another call 5 minutes before my arrival. The drama staff told me, ‘Since you didn’t come, we canceled it because we couldn’t wait any longer and went somewhere else”.

doctor cha

In response to the story, Tak Jae Hoon said, “Intuition is very important. We should think, ‘I might get canceled’ in such situations”, drawing laughter. 

Kim Byung Chul added, “I couldn’t talk to anyone from the production team but I had a friend who also played a supporting role. I explained my situation to them and asked if it was too much to get canceled. However, even that friend couldn’t help me”, revealing the struggles during his unknown days.

Uhm Jung Hwa agreed and commented, “You must have been really upset. It was not your fault for being late, but they just made you suffer a hard time”. Recalling his feelings at that time, Kim Byung Chul said, “I felt really sorry and sad like I really did something wrong”.

Source: Nate

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