GOT7 Takes the Lead in Arranging Funeral for Female Fan Tragically Lost in Thailand’s Shopping Center Shooting Incident

The unfortunate girl passed away after 10 days of treatment

On October 3rd, the shooting incident at Siam Paragon shopping center caused a shock. Following the tragic incident, two victims lost their lives, and three others are currently being treated in the hospital. One of the victims of the shooting was a fervent fan of the popular K-pop group GOT7, identified as A. During her hospitalization, the members of GOT7 and BamBam’s family sent flowers, gifts, and words of encouragement to A. However, in the early hours of October 13th, A passed away at the hospital.

According to Thai media reports, after A’s passing, the members of GOT7 reached out to the family of this unfortunate fan and expressed their willingness to oversee her funeral. BamBam, in particular, suggested covering all the expenses for A’s funeral. A’s funeral will take place from October 15th to October 17th in her hometown of Nonthaburi.


It is worth noting that A had been working at a café in Siam Paragon for only three months when this shocking incident occurred. She was on her break, planning to use the restroom when she encountered the assailant. A stopped breathing at the scene but was resuscitated by doctors and put on life support. A had expressed her intention to donate her organs seven years ago, but due to some of her internal organs being damaged by gunfire, her wishes couldn’t be fulfilled.

A’s passing deeply saddened and grieved the Ahgase community (GOT7’s fanbase). Many other fans left comments expressing their hope for A to rest in peace. The heartwarming gesture by GOT7 towards this unfortunate fan touched not only fans of the group but also the entire K-pop fan community.

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