Top Model Han Hye-jin Shocks with Surprise Marriage Announcement

In ‘My Little Old Boy,’ Han Hye-jin suddenly revealed the date of her marriage

On the broadcast of SBS entertainment show ‘My Little Old Boy’, aired on December 3rd, Han Hye-jin appeared with her mother.

Han Hye-jin picked up her mother, purchased some items in the market, and returned home. The two decided to make homemade red pepper paste.

han hye jin

At that moment, Han Hye-jin mentioned Shin Dong-yeop, but her mother was curious, asking, “Which oppa is he?” Not recognizing Shin Dong-yeop, her mother expressed disappointment, thinking a new “oppa” had entered her life, assuming she was in a relationship.

Concerned, her mother asked if she had any thoughts of getting married, but Han Hye-jin cut off the conversation, saying, “Already failed. I’ll marry when the time comes.”

Suddenly, Han Hye-jin declared, “I will do it. On October 10, 2033.” Immediately, her mother, shocked by Han Hye-jin’s marriage announcement ten years later, commented, “If life is short, then I won’t be there, right? It’s a hint to get married quickly.”

Han Hye-jin, taken aback, responded, “Am I supposed to get married alone?” saying she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Her mother suggested, “Should I find one for you? There are many nice men who haven’t married in the countryside,” pointing out a kind man at a gas station as an example.

Earlier, Han Hye-jin had also caused a stir by declaring on her personal YouTube channel, “I’ve decided on the wedding date since I was twenty. It’s October 10.”

Source: Daum

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